Go Fast Products Gauss Meter
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Ideal for: 

  • Matching and balancing slot car motor magnets 
  • Testing/matching guitar pickup magnets
  • Testing generator/magneto magnets


  • Single-axis DC gauss meter for measuring static magnetic fields
  • North/South polarity indicator
  • Peak Hold
  • Battery voltage display 
  • Range: 0-1700 gauss.  Good for ceramic, alnico, rubber magnets     (See user guide for tip on how to increase this range for matching polymer magnets)  
  • Resolution:  1 gauss
  • Accuracy:  Calibrated to +/- 1.0% accuracy at room temperature 
  • Power:  2 x CR2032 3v Lithium cells (included)
  • Battery Life:  130+ hours continuous usage
  • Clear 4mil PVC outer covering
  • Padded storage box  
  • Box dimensions: L 98mm x W 33mm x H 19mm (3.85"x1.32"x.75")
  • Probe dimensions: L 25mm x W 5mm x H 3.5mm (1" x .2" x .14")
  • Fits into a gap of 3.5mm or .14" 

 Go Fast Gauss Meter USER GUIDE

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Go Fast Products Gauss Meter

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